Trident Boosting System – 24kVA

Intelligent, paralleled boosting in 24kVA.

The ASEA Trident system allows two 50A shore cords to be combined to a Single 100A output. The pair of DBT12s provide Three levels of boost to keep your ship powered even when input voltages sag by 35%, and the paralleling box ensures that current is shared equally between the shore cords, which allows you to maximize the amount of power you can draw from even the worst shore cord conditions. The Three piece system is a direct replacement for the popular and discontinued Charles PM3.

If only one shore cord is available, the 50A source will be delivered to both outputs. When the second cord is attached, the sources will combine to form a Single 100A output. If one cord fails, the unit will automatically fall back to a Single source solution. The method used to
combine sources allows for sharing power between shore cords WITHOUT the danger of tripping even the most sensitive GFI equipped pedestal.

Direct Replacement

Drop-in replacement for the Charles PM3

Intelligent Paralleling

Automatic source selection based on cord availability

GFI Compliant

Even the most sensitive GFI equipped pedestal won’t trip


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