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The complete catalog of onboard and dockside shore power converters and boosting transformers.


AC Series

AC Series

The original bulkhead mounted shore power converter, ranging 8-18kVA.

Standard Series

AC Series

Floor mounted, customizable shore power converter ranging in 24-100kVA.

Q Series

ASEA’s smallest and lightest shore power converter with a stackable, modular configuration.

Vertical Series

Vertical style shore power converter with convertible cooling ranging in 25-150kVA.

Liquid Cooled Series

Internally oil-cooled shore power converter in 55-63kVA

Dock Locker System

Dockside shore power converter, available in 50-75kVA.

Dock Boost Transformer

The smart boosting isolation transformer in 12-24kVA.

Trident Boosting System – 24kVA

Intelligent, paralleled boosting in 24kVA.

Trident Boosting System – 48kVA

Intelligent, paralleled boosting in 48 kVA.