It’s a common scenario: An evening on the boat enjoying the game is interrupted when yet another yacht arrives at the marina and connects to shore power. Suddenly, it’s like a brownout at home. Lights dim, the TV resets, A/C goes out, clocks start blinking and family members begin complaining. With an ASEA DBT12 (12kVA dock boost transformer) from MCE Marine, owners won’t have such problems. It automatically ensures continuous, safe power and takes the worry out of missing the winning run.

Ideal for boats that regularly connect to shore power, the ultra-reliable DBT12 boosts voltage to provide the precise and steady level the vessel requires. It’s an advanced, next-generation replacement for a Charles Industries ISO-BOOST™.

Using the DBT12 is as easy as flipping the remote on/off switch. It has advanced power monitoring and diagnostics, and an onboard display. Truly set-and-forget, in the event of a blackout, brownout or overload, it automatically restarts.

The DBT12 protects against grounds and galvanic corrosion. Reliable and efficient, it adapts to any voltage range from 167–270V AC / 57–63Hz, making it ideal for international destinations.

ASEA manufactures the DBT12 for a harsh, briny marine environment. At 127 lbs., it’s nearly half the weight of an ISO-BOOST™ and only 12.8″ H x 13″ W x 18″ D. With an industry standard mounting pattern, it’s ideal for refit or OEM.