ASEA Power is excited to announce the arrival of the DBT Series, our new line of “smart Isolation transformers.”  The family of products is designed to provide precision voltage regulation, delivering complete protection from the most common shore power problems. The DBT is now available in 12-24kVA single units and 24-30kVA paralleled systems.

Ultimate Protection

  • brownouts
  • spikes and sags
  • low-line voltage
  • high-line voltage

Boosting Technology

The DBT provides three levels of boost to keep your ship powered even when input voltages sag by 35%.

Fit and Form Replacement

A fit and form replacement for Charles Iso-boost™ with upgraded technology and 65% weight decrease. Compare them here. 

Why We Developed the DBT

The Charles Iso-Boost™ was arguably the most popular boosting transformer in the marine industry. In late 2016, Charles refocused on telecommunications and enclosures and discontinued the Iso-Boost™. As distributors’ supplies of the legacy product dwindled, few alternatives matched or surpassed the isolation transformer boat builders and end users alike had grown to know and love…read the whole story